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Copy data from Pivot to Static Table

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    Copy data from Pivot to Static Table

    Hi All,

    I currently have the task of automating a process which is currently completed entirely manually by basically doing copy & paste.

    Each month we receive a file (Source Data on my test file attached as an example) for which I plan to now import using Power Query and locate this file on a SharePoint site. From this a pivot is then created (Pivot on the attached) to in short take a sum of values for that current month. The source data would change each month and naturally so would the pivot and so this is why a static table is also in use to copy / paste that month's values from the pivot and so on. Ultimately this table is then used to produce graphs etc.

    Is it possible to do something with maybe VBA that could each month take the values from the current pivot or source data and add them to the table? There is no matching element in the source data in terms of Month / Year and so it literally just is that data at that moment in time which would populate.

    Hope all that makes sense?

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