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Added codes to macro and some codes no longer work

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    Added codes to macro and some codes no longer work

    I have an Excel file that tracks engine status from Sales and Production departments. Columns A - M in the workbook contain data necessary to deem the engine status. Columns N - AR are used to track engine status with the following column order: Sales, Production, Day 1, Status. That repeats till Day 8 (i.e. Sales, Production, Day 8, Status).

    Column AV is called "MB51 Shipped" and column AY is "Title Transfer".

    I have 2 requests for the Macro such that:

    1) If "Shipped" in column AV, then the empty remaining Days will have "Rollup" in both Sales and Production columns.

    I got helped by someone on this and he recommended to add the following codes to "Master Worksheet":

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    It seemed to work as first but then I noticed the Day cells didn't return anything even though originally my macro DID return correctly the values based on IF statements. Can you please advise how I can fix this?

    2) If the last entered Sales cell says "Title Transfer" then return "x" in column AY (51st column)

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!!
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