Greetings all,

I'm trying to achieve the following:

get data from the web, from an application (like a database) - I have login credentials.

I've tried to get data but no tables are showing to pick from the web browser window

I'm using Office Professional 2013.

-How to find out if the website is providing an information table?
-How to find out if the website isn't blocking any linkage to their database, app?

I could paste the website link but I don't know if that would be helpful bc it's a company website (from intranet I believe)

Anyway... I'm trying to automate the daily work through Excel, but instead of going to the website and copy/paste the same data from the same field over and over again, I'm trying to link the website to an excel spreadsheet (to extract the data) and from there I could filter the data that I need and, with the VBA, distribute it, via email, to each department...

Your effort in this matter is highly appreciated.

(sorry if I post it in the wrong section)