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Portrait Photos inserted with VBA are offset and not properly sized

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    Portrait Photos inserted with VBA are offset and not properly sized

    I have been using the same VBA code to insert images for years. It works well for landscape images and for SOME portrait images. Now, some portrait images are offset, not properly sized, and sometimes rotated. I have looked at the EXIF data of dozens of images to see if I can identify anything common to the images that will not go in properly. I cannot find anything. The EXIF orientation on most images is set to 0 (normal). Some are set to 6 (90 degrees CCW). However, some that are set to 0 insert correctly while others don't and some that are set to 6 insert correctly and others don't.

    I don't know when the problem started but I think it has been since Excel 2013. I have tried a couple of ways to insert images via VBA but the results are the same.

    This is one of the methods I use for inserting images. Pease note that I am not a programmer. This was written for me by a Microsoft MVP who is no longer in business. It has had some minor modifications by programmers over the years. I am open to any suggestions for improvements. Any help will be very much appreciated.

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    Re: Portrait Photos inserted with VBA are offset and not properly sized

    That code doesn't do too bad a job of inserting images for me.

    Can you upload a sheet (and image?) with what you are getting and what you want to get so we can replicate the issue?
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