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VBA to save as .txt files by filtering the values

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    VBA to save as .txt files by filtering the values

    I am looking for a VBA which helps in converting excel data to .txt files based on the filter criteria.

    I have an Excel file "Primary" which has three columns ID, Instance & Number. The Instance Filter criteria has few values that has to be filtered individually.
    Now I have to copy the Instance column Number Column data to "Template". Now the data in the template has to be converted to .txt file using the defined naming convection. The .txt file has to be generated for each value in the instance.

    Note: The values in the Instance column are dynamic.

    An Example to show:
    1. In "Primary" Excel, Filter a value (212) in the Instance column.
    2. Copy the values in ID column and paste in the ID column of "Template" Excel,
    3. Go back to "Primary" Excel, Copy values from Number column and paste in two columns Final DX & Admit Dx of "Template" Excel.
    4. Now the data in the "Template" Excel should be converted or saved as .txt file, as the format in the attached .txt file for reference. (Naming format of .txt i "instance value_dx_ddmmyy").
    5. The above process will have to be looped till all the values in the Instance column are completed. So that the final number of .txt files are equal to number of values on the Instance column.

    Kindly let me know if you need further info to understand.

    Thank you.
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    Re: VBA to save as .txt files by filtering the values

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