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Excel VB Buttons Disappear

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    Excel VB Buttons Disappear

    I have a spreadsheet that has several VB buttons with macros imbedded in
    them. Sometimes when I open up Excel, the buttons disappear and all I am left
    with are shadows of invisible buttons. I am able to click on the 'invisible'
    buttons but cannot see them. This happens off and on and I have not been able
    to figure out how to fix this.

    I am running Office XP on a Windows XP Pro operating system. Any help in
    this regard will be appreciated.


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    Re: Excel VB Buttons Disappear

    These buttons were originally designed in the early 1990s and are problematic.

    There is a free tool I built to allow you to create a ribbon tab to overcome these problems at easyribbonbuilder.com
    I have not tested it on Windows XP but you are welcome to try the free version to see if it works. Duncan

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