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Separating Field

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    Separating Field


    We are redoing our non-profit organization's database and I had a question. Right now, the database for our organization has essentially two fields for each person: name and address. For instance our first field would say "Jack Samuelson" and our Second field would have the full address:"30 Elm Street. Springfield, New Jersey. 62838."

    Now my question is... is there any way using a macro, that we can separate these field for instance. I.e. is it possible to turn this:

    Field 1: Jack Samuleson
    Field 2: 30 Elm Street. Springfield, New Jersey. 62838.

    into this:

    Field 1: Jack
    Field 2: Samuelson
    Field 3: 30 Elm Street
    Field 4: Springfield
    Field 5: New Jersey
    Field 6: 62838

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. It would take ages to change everything in manually. If we can do it all at once, it would save us a lot of time and money. I do not know how to code in VBA, so if anyone actually has any code that would do the trick, Id appreciate that.

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    Hi-light column you want separated, choose Data...Text to Columns and go from there.

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