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InputBox - Cancel

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    InputBox - Cancel

    This seems like it should be a simple enough solution, but for the life of me I can't seem to figure it out. I have an InputBox presenting the user with a question. Everything runs fine- unless the user decides to back out and hit the cancel button. It goes into Debug, and I can imagine what the problem is... just can't figure out how to exit the sub. This is simple enough with a MsgBox, but I can't figure out the method for the InputBox.
    Any Input is greatly appreciated. (No pun intended)

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    Hello Lonwez,

    The value returned by the InputBox will be an empty string. Check if the returned value is an empty string and exit it the Sub if true.

    RetVal = InputBox("Input some data and Click OK")
    If RetVal = "" Then Exit Sub

    This is discussed fully in the VBA On-Line help that comes with Office. To activate the Visual Basic Editor, press Alt + F8 keys together. Go to Help on the Toolbar and enter InputBox.

    Leith Ross

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