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Counting rows with specific criteria

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    Smile Counting rows with specific criteria

    I want to count the number of rows if column A = "Shirts" and column C = "P". Can anyone help me with the code?

    Type Color Code Cost
    Shirts Blue P 15.00
    Shirts Red D 20.00
    Shirts Yellow P 15.00
    Shirts Black P 20.00
    Shirts White D 20.00
    Shirts Purple P 15.00
    Shirts Brown D 20.00
    Shirts Gray P 15.00
    Shirts Green P 20.00
    Shirts Orange D 20.00
    Shirts Violet P 15.00
    Shirts Beige D 20.00
    Shirts Pink P 15.00
    Shirts Olive P 20.00
    Shirts Tan D 20.00
    Skirts Blue P 15.00
    Skirts Red D 20.00
    Skirts Yellow P 15.00
    Skirts Black P 20.00
    Skirts White D 20.00
    Skirts Purple P 15.00
    Skirts Brown D 20.00
    Shorts Gray P 15.00
    Shorts Green P 20.00
    Shorts Orange D 20.00
    Shorts Violet P 15.00
    Shorts Beige D 20.00
    Shorts Pink P 15.00
    Shorts Olive P 20.00
    Shorts Tan D 20.00

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    Assuming your data is in Cols A through D, use the Array Formula (ctr+shift+Ent):

    In cell E1,

    Array enter and copy down Column E

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