I am trying to write a VBA code that when executed will search two columns within my worksheet, the first is the date column and the second a column for smokers. When the code is run I would like it to ask the user which date he would like to search for, once selected the program will look for all cells with the specific date and then evaluate if the corresponding rows in Smokers have a number 1 in them, if they do it will count the one and so until all rows that satisy the specified date in the date column and the number 1 in the Smokers column.

Once the count is completed it the macro will insert a table which will have heading date and number of smokers, and will then put the date and count delow each of these headings.

Is it also possible to have the code just run a complete scan on the worksheet and just find all matching dates and their corresponding smoker info, find the count and then add them to a table with teh headings Date and # of Smokers