I'd like to find a nice clean way to identify rows, but am not having much luck.

I currently have a file that I update from an external source.
This is a record of aircraft logs and each row is a log entry containing eight cells, which are text, except for one date column. the external source does not assign a primary key cell, and the order the rows are delivered is not consistant.

I currently have it set up to copy old data from the primary sheet to a temp, update the primary sheet, check the primary for rows that don't exactly match those in the temp sheet, and copy those rows to a "New Entries" sheet.

my method of the comparison is both unstable and brute force. it generates a "checksum" based, mostly, on the number of text in each cell, sorts both sheets by checksum, looks for and deletes matches, and finally copies the result to the differences sheet.

I'm hoping someone has an elegant way of comparing rows, because my way is ugly and time consuming.