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tidying up code and refering macros

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    tidying up code and refering macros

    Hi all,

    I have created a macro and form to select roads that comply with certain conditions and then display the output, and select a random selection of that data.
    Within the form you can choose one of 13 inspectors and 1 of 10 days (Monday to friday week1 or week2).
    When the OK button is pressed it reads all the data in the spreadsheet cells. One of my buttons selects all inspectors and all days and prints the output. As my road list is 3000 roads, and it has to do this 130 times, it takes quite a while.
    What i want to do is read the data first time only, and for all subsequent times, use the data held in the vatrialbes, however i cannot use gosub, and if i use the call procedure i have to difine the variables, however there are too many for this.
    Is there a simpler way !!?!?!

    Please help
    I attach a very trimmed down version of the spreadsheet
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