i have a template in which a user enters a specific project's information.
the user then does a SaveAs to another folder.

i want to create a seperate, independant workbook that tracks all of the
projects that are created.

what kind of code should i use in the template? let's say cell A1 in the
template is where the job name is entered. after the job is saved, i want
the job name that was entered in A1 to copy over to the "master list"

if this job name is already on the list (i.e. it is the second time the same
workbook is saved) then it does not enter.

if it's easier, the "master list" can just be updated every time it is
opened, rather then when the template is saved. so i think it might be an
idea to export the info to a .txt document, then have that update the "master
list" when it is opened.

i kinda know what needs to be done, i'm just not experienced enough to come
up wit hthe code. i appreciate any help you guys can give me