'i'm creating a filter for a spreadsheet with 2 sets of dates. 1 date is the
bill date, and the other is the calculation date. wherever there is a
duplicate bill date, the older of the calculation dates must be removed.

'i'm new to this, and my code doesnt work properly, but i'm trying to get
one thing to work at a time:
Sub filter()
Dim X, Y As Integer
Dim billdate1, billdate2

X = 5 'the "Date" column.
Y = 2 'start of the data.

Do Until Cells(X, Y).Value = "" 'this should loop until the end of the
data is reached
billdate1 = Cells(X, Y).Value 'i'm not sure what happens with a cell value
formatted as a date - is this going to work?
billdate2 = Cells(X, Y + 1).Value
If billdate1 = billdate2 Then
If Cells(X + 1, Y).Value > Cells(X + 1, Y + 1).Value Then
'this has to remove the earlier of the 2 calc. dates and
then go back to the same row of data to test the next row against the result
'same deal
End If
End If
Y = Y + 1
End Sub

all help is appreciated.