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Import of Multiple Text Files

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    Import of Multiple Text Files

    I am looking to import about 75 data files for data analysis. I want to load all of these files into the the same workbook using a macro. I am new to the macro scence and have only begun to teach myself VB. Each data file has two columns and they are tab delimited. I want to start each text file at line 19 and they are named emi1.txt, emi2.txt and then emi(2)1.txt emi(2)2.txt and so on for each experiment. Is there any way I can write a macro to read all of these files in and label the top of each column with the file name?

    This would be such a great help.


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    yes you can.

    have a lok at the replies to Importing a .txt file issues . You should be able to work it out from there but if not ask for more help.


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