i'm trying to create charts and add series using VBA and reading from cells
from a different worksheet in the workbook. I have it all figured out, but
when i try and read the dates from the cells using this:
Sheet8.Range(Sheet8.Cells(2, 2), Sheet8.Cells(2, 18)) or this:
Sheet8.Range(Sheet8.Cells(FirstColumn, FirstRow), Sheet8.Cells(FirstColumn,
LastRow)), i get dates that are all over the place and look more like julian
dates, but when i use this: .XValues = Sheet8.Range("B2:B18"), it works fine.
Could someone please tell me what the issue is with this and a workaround if
you know of one.
My example is below.

Lee Holsenbeck

'Hard code the column value for the Y axis
YColumn = "6"
'Add a series
With ChtObj.Chart.SeriesCollection(1)
'Get the Y axis values from worksheet 8
.Values = Sheet8.Range(Sheet8.Cells(FirstRow, YColumn),
Sheet8.Cells(LastRow, YColumn))
'Sample Y axis values
'.Values = Sheet8.Range(Sheet8.Cells(2, 6), Sheet8.Cells(18,
'Get the X axis values from worksheet 8
.XValues = Sheet8.Range(Sheet8.Cells(FirstColumn, FirstRow),
Sheet8.Cells(FirstColumn, LastRow))
'Sample x axis values
'.XValues = Sheet8.Range(Sheet8.Cells(2, 2), Sheet8.Cells(2,
'.XValues = Sheet8.Range("B2:B18")
.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
.Border.ColorIndex = 3
.Name = "Gross Oil/Cond"
End With