Hello All,
Here is my dilemma: Im trying to write a segment of code that will
take the value of a predetermined cell from an existing report
(example: cell b3) and import it into another workbook (example cell c2
in another workbook). But heres where things get tricky. I am compiling
a list of total sales figures for a hypothetical mulitple branch
company. I have two columns already compiled showing the month and the
branch. And I need to import the data to the cooresponding column: For

Sales Report for Seattle Branch:
b3 cell value = 12203.4

My Report:
1 Month Branch Total Sales
2 May Seattle 12203.4
3 May Denver 22345.7

I need to figure out how I would transfer the value for the sales from
the individual branch report, and with user entered Information ( month
and branch) that is entered before hand by the user, to the report I am
compiling in the correct row and column. Any help that can be sent my
way would be greatly appreciated.