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controlling a form drop down based on selection of another drop down

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    controlling a form drop down based on selection of another drop down

    I've got a form that has a selection of drop downs - I'd like one of the drop down later on in the form to be controlled by what a user selects in the first drop down - e.g. the first drop down has A, B, C, D, E to select from - if they select A I'd like the later drop down to show certain list, if they select B I'd like it to show a different list and so on. Is this possible? Many, many thanks as ever!

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    If you have a dynamic range in the workbook, whose size relates to the value of the first combobox
    e.g. on Sheet1
    column A|column B
    A Ai
    A Aii
    A Aiii
    B Bi
    B Bii
    C Ci
    C Cii
    C Ciii
    etc whatever...

    and C1 is linked to CombBox1.ControlSource
    with a named range "MyRange"

    Then put something like this in the the _enter event of ComboBox2 or _exit event of ComboBox1

    if thisworkbook.sheets("Sheet1").range("C1").value<>empty then
    for each c in thisworkbook.sheets("Sheet1").range("MyRange")
    ComboBox2.additem (c.value)

    You'll probably need to tweak it a little...

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