I am trying to dynamically add a ListObject which references an external
SharePoint list to a worksheet in VSTO 2003.

I am able to do this in VBA using the following code:

Dim x(1) As Variant
x(0) = ""
x(1) = "{1004279C-7047-448A-AD8B-B1A39ADCCFDE}"
ws.ListObjects.Add xlSrcExternal, x, True, xlYes, ws.Range("A1")

When I try to translate that to C# in VSTO 2003, I get an exception, "Bad
variable type," using the following code:
string [] myListSource = new string[3];
Excel.Range rngTarget = ws.get_Range("A1",Type.Missing);

The documentation for this method
states that I should be sending a string array of 3 elements...so I'm a
little confused as to why the VBA code works, unless its variant data type
behavior that allows it to work. Element 0 is the URL of the SharePoint
site, element 1 is the GUID of the list, element 2 is the GUID of the view.

Can anyone tell me where I've gone wrong?