Math computer programms like Maxima [Maxima is
a Common Lisp implementation of MIT's Macsyma system for computer based
algebra. Maxima is now about to be released under the GNU Public License.]
use symbolic functions for derivating, integrating and solving functions. New
functions and calculus can be added by knowing a bit of Lisp.

Excels functions should not go that far, of course, but if one could enter
equations in a symbolic way, or solve minor equations, derivate or integrate
small functions. Maxima is as small as 15 Megabyte only, and has alot of
functions for beginners and advanced mathematicians.

A second symbolic math language for macros besides the VBA I use frequently
would be a nice thing.

I understand that it'll take some time to implement that tool. I see it as a
Add function: "derivate", "integrate" & "solve_equation" in Excel where one
can use symbolic language, and get the solutions back.

Truly sincerly yours,
Robert Bigdowski

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