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Conditionally Sum (via VBA)

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    Conditionally Sum (via VBA)

    Dear all master,

    I am new to this forum.

    While I am currently trying to write VBA code on an Excel spreadsheet with >65,000 rows and over 30 columns.

    On one column, which I previously use 'SumIf' on the sheet for calculation on one column, it takes me 1 hour just to drag and for Excel to calculate those values.

    As such, I am thinking if I can write a piece of code to handle the similiar calculation and perform calculation much faster.

    My set up could be like this:

    Col A Col B ($) Col C (Result)
    A 1 14
    A 2 14
    A 3 14
    B 4 9
    B 5 9
    C 6 6
    D 7 7
    A 8 14

    I tried to use For loop to handle this, but without success....cos I always get duplicated result at Col C.

    Would very much appreciate if any master could assist me. Thousand of thanks ahead.

    Kind regards,

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    Dear all alone,

    I didn't understand what you want to do. What is the link between the columns? I can see the serie in the column B (1,2,3....). ButI do not see the arithmetic progression in the first column :A,A,A and B,B? I see when the same value is written in the third column (C), you have the same value in the first column: A,A,A /14,14,14.
    After I do not follow. If you want some help, please give more points.

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