I have following problem. I have one text file which can be for example 1000 characters.

File format can be following: QWERT12124214TOM787889789QWER898908
So there can be characters and numbers.

This file comes from other systems and now the problem is that it's not in readable form.

This string have rules which mens that FORMAT of HEader like QWERT always have know position like in this example, it starts from position 0 and it is always 5 character long.

Now i would like to get readable report (format doesn'n matter) like this (example)


Numbers of offices:

Some code:


I have specisifications which defines that when comes string: QWER

This file length can change but those "strings" always have defined position and format.

Hopely you uonderstand what i mean Meaning that i could have one macro which can be used for reading this file....

Thanks in advance for everyone