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    Staff rota

    ok i need some help. i am not totally sure how to go about this. it seems fairly simple but i am not that good at programming. i am trying to have a schedule rotation. i have 5 employees that work a 4 10 work week and i am trying to either get a macro or something to get it to work. i need to be able to do this every week to keep track of when their day off is.

    i then have another group that is 5 employees who work the 5 10 hour days but one has every monday off and the other 4 rotate. i have thought and thought and thought and i do not know how i can make this work.

    i am the first to say i am not verly good at programming but i am willing to try if i can get some direction in it. if anyone can help me it would sure be appreciated.

    thank you


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    The team that works the 4-10 work week should be easy... if it doesnt change just make a table of those employees and their hours.

    The team that has a fluctuating member that has a day off will require some more advanced techniques... but im still not sure what exactly you are asking.

    So do you want an excel sheet that just shows their schedule?

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