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Convert multiple word files to one excel table

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    Convert multiple word files to one excel table

    Hey there,

    I am kinda lost. I got a bunch of word documents (appx. 300(!)) and i need to get them into one excel file. I could do it manually, but I am sure, that there is an easier way.

    If you look at the word docs, you'll see that they are kind of unprofessional, but I can't change it. I really only need the table from the word file, BUT the I also need the date.
    And that's the tricky part, because the date and timestamp can be either taken from the file name itself or from the 'unprofessional' header.
    So, is there a chance to get all the lines from the files automatically copied into one excel table and add a field with the file name (original word doc) behind each line?

    All files will be saved in one folder.
    If anyone have an idea, how i could solve my problem, I would save me hours of manual work. That would we awesome!!

    Thanks a lot!!!!
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    I hope that the attached is something code to what you need. It works by driving Word from Excel and sequentially opens the files listed in the first column of sheet 1. The macro makes a reference to the Word Object library.

    You can find a macro to generate all the file names in a folder on my download page (see below).

    Please get back to me if the format isn't as you need it - I took a guess from the details supplied.
    Attached Files Attached Files

    If my solution has saved you time and/or money, please consider sponsoring my run in the 2020 London Marathon in aid of Cancer Research UK.


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    Open a word document, choose 'Alt' + 'F11' to open VB editor, paste the code and change myPath:

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    Then execute macro.

    I hope it's what you need.


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    Re: Convert multiple word files to one excel table


    I don't have any idea about macro but I have to convert about 11000 Word files into excel files. This code really worked well thank you I'm grateful Antonio. However, I also need to add a column which includes the file name of these Word documents before or next to each table. Is there any way to do that can ? It's really an emergency situation for my job.

    Thank you

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    Re: Convert multiple word files to one excel table

    Hi, MEY8687

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