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vlookup path not working in UDF (User Defined Function)

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    vlookup path not working in UDF (User Defined Function)

    I am creating a UDF the contains a vlookup and it is not working unless the file is open. I beleive the path is not working. Does anyone have a any suggestions or work arounds for creating a UDF that might work? Below is the code:
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    Public Function Tklookup(TimeKeeperNumber)
    Lookrange = Workbooks("\\phlfp21\phl_apps\AccountingTk\Accountingtest.xls").Sheets("sheet1").Range("A1:F7000")
    Tklookup = ((Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(TimeKeeperNumber, Lookrange, 2, False)))
    End Function
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    When using the Forum you are expected to wrap code snippets with code tags - see the Rules.
    Hope that helps.

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