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add worksheet in custom function

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    add worksheet in custom function

    I'm trying to write a custom function that makes use of a temporary worksheet. To add a sheet in a regular sub procedure "Sheets.Add.Name = Temp" seems to work just fine. However, this doesn't work in my function. Is there another way to add a sheet while in a function? or is this something that functions inherently can't do? or am I just missing something completely?

    Thanks much.

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    What do you mean by "custom function?" A function procedure intended to be called from a worksheet cell (aka UDF)? If so, then this is the kind of operation a UDF is not allowed to do. You'll either have to stick with a Sub procedure or devise a completely different approach.

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    Hello djoella,

    If you are referring to a User Defined Function then yes there are limitations. A UDF can only use the values of other cells and return a value to the cell it is attached to. Nor can you call a macro from within the UDF to modify the worksheet using VBA code.

    Leith Ross

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