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Advanced Filter + Several Macros

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    Advanced Filter + Several Macros

    hi everyone... long time listener first time caller here from australia...

    so basically my problem is massive.

    for a senior finals assignment at school i have to use the advance filter function in a macro to create a semi automated filtration of a client list, problem is i suck at recording and coding macros that have more than one procedure.. please help

    criteria is as follows

    You are required to use the Advanced Filter tool on this worksheet to allow
    users to filter (in place) the Clients worksheet while providing the following database
    statistics: total, average, maximum and minimum revenue per client, and the total number of clients/tours. That is, users should be able to enter any criteria value below the Clients database and invoke the advanced filter tool to show only those records, and the summary statistics for those records, that satisfy the given criteria. Note that average calculation should have value of zero if no records satisfy the given criteria.
    You must include three macros in your finished Clients worksheet to automate
    operation of the filter tool. The first two macros are entitled 'SelectClient’ and
    'SelectLanguage'. Once invoked, these macros should prompt the user to enter a value through an input box in order to filter the data range in place according to a client's last name or language tour, as appropriate. A third macro, called 'ShowAllClients’, should clear the criteria row and display all clients in the database. The first two macros should include an error message (e.g. “Please re-run the macro!”) to prompt the user to rerun a macro if no clients satisfied the criteria while the 'ShowAllClients' macro should include a message box statement at the end to display a short message giving credit to the macro authors (e.g. “This macro was created by <insert your name here>!”). Finally, assign and name one button to each of these macros (three buttons in total) on the Clients worksheet

    if anyone could either wrote the coding i need for the macros or put them into the attached workbook and reattach it it would be most appreciated as i am going out of my mind trying to figure this out, and if i see it done once for one of my several work books i should be able to implement it into my others..

    thanks in advance,
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    anyone who helps me will have good karma for many years...

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    please someone help me this is the only part of the entire assignment i dont understand and our teachers are vague as cos "they cant help too much" and i really dont understand and our textbooks are shite

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    hey Ryan?

    Think positive & give it a go, teachers aren't there to give you all the answers & neither are individual textbooks - join the rest of us on our journey of guided/self directed discovery!

    You can't go wrong recording a macro - something will record & either it will be functional or it will need some/a lot of tweaking & that's where first the [F1] key & second the Forums can come in...

    Most of the people floating around on this Forum are very helpful & know their stuff, but I don't know of anyone who wants to complete someone else's assignment from (what appears to be scratch, even if it is only part of a bigger assignment).

    We are usually willing to help with specific challenges that you have, if give some examples of what you have tried but I can see nothing in the VBE for the file you have attached - although there are references in the macro buttons to macros in another file eg "\sem2-07\LanguagePlus0702RR.xls'!showall" (it may help if you attach this/these other files).

    Give it a go...
    Try recording each part of the process as individual macros & then reviewing the code by stepping through it in the VB Editor using [F5] to go line by line. Once checked, multiple macros can be run one after the other in a "master macro" by putting the name of each macro on a new line down the page or merging each code snippet into the master macro.

    If you have any problems check out the appropriate links on the below link from OldChippy's signature:
    or any of the MVP's in the below list may have usuable examples on their websites:
    and then try asking a specific question...

    Good luck!

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