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Loop Program to Copy/Paste from One Sheet to Another

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    Unhappy Loop Program to Copy/Paste from One Sheet to Another

    I have created an example file of what I am trying to do. As you can see the data is sorted going across the page and segmented by product. (This seems to be what is giving me the most trouble, but do to the complexity of other sheets asscociated to this document it is not feasible to rearrange)

    Many of the cells are blank, but some contain data. I am trying to create a looped prgram that will copy the data from each block (block meaning each month/product segment) and paste this data to a new worksheet in a vertical format. This would enable simple use of autofilter to sort products by load number.

    If anyone could give me a sample of how to call out the program I would be EXTREMELY grateful.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Maybe something like this will get you going. You may need to make some adjustments to get the formating exactly how you want it. I have hard coded the number of months to cycle through, but that can be changed to find the last column used.

    Hopefully, this will at least get you started.

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