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Select Printer Macro

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    Select Printer Macro

    I currently have a spreadsheet that I run a macro on to save the sheet and print 2 copies out. This works OK.

    In some cases I now need to output as a PDF and print 1 copy.

    I have found the relevant code for swapping the active printer to my PDF printer and back, however, what I would like is one print button that knows whether I require 2 printed copies or 1 PDF+1 print.

    I have put a vlookup on my sheet to find and show this setting in cell L2; so basically I want the macro to run

    IF L2 <> PDF then print 2 copies ELSE print 1 to pdfprinter and 1 to printer.

    How do I build this IF statement into my current code?


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    Can you post your code?

    Can you post your code?

    See this thread for a similar issue. http://www.excelforum.com/showthread...09210#poststop
    The solution was to put this code into the ThisWorkbook module:
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    That sort of approach should help your resolution, but now Juda would like to do exactly what you are already doing and your approach could also help in that situation.

    I am using Windows 7 and Office 2007, all of my posts are based on this.

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    You will see I have already posted a reply in your other thread about the automated printer selection.

    Since posting I have "played" a little more, and using other ideas/codes, I have come up with the following :

    PHP Code: 
    Sub PrintInvoice()
    Dim response
    Case Range("L2").Value
    Case "PDF"
        'MsgBox ("PDF")
        Sheet1.PrintOut Copies:=1, ActivePrinter:="PDF995", Collate:=True
    Call PrintToAnotherPrinter
    Case Else
    'MsgBox ("Other")
        Sheet1.PrintOut Copies:=2, Collate:=True
    End Select 
    which seems a little easier than before (i have yet to test this fully). I have also used the autoprint function of pdf995 to output a copy to the printer.

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