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Text File Manipulation

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    Text File Manipulation

    I have a question regarding reading and writing text files. I have text files which contain data results from a structural analysis program. The files vary in size according to the size of the problem and have a format similar to this

    intro lines
    intro lines
    intro lines
    0 1 2
    3 4 5
    6 7 8
    summary lines
    summary lines
    summary lines

    The way I import the data into excel at the moment is to delete all the intro and summary data from the text file, then open the file up with excel and paste it into my sheet that has the macro to process the data.

    I have been trying to find out the best method to automatically prepare and import the data. I have read that excel has some text file reading and writing capabilities. Would it be a viable option to use VBA to do this process or is it better to try and use another program ported with excel. Python maybe?


    Regards Elbarto

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    You can use I/O commands in VBA.

    How do you determine intro lines and summary lines?

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