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copy paste only value from pivot table

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    copy paste only value from pivot table

    I have a pivot table on sheet1 where field "month" is in area page,fields,"emplooyes" is in area row field , "working hours", "vacation","seek-leave" and "work on sunday" is in area data fields.
    On the sheet2 I make table
    emplooyes january february marth
    Now, I want write a cod who will looks emplooyes on the sheet2,month in pivot table and range pivot table. If month is january cod will copy "working hours" and paste only value in column January, if month february cod will copy
    in column february and ect.
    I try with function Vlookup.
    In the column January on the sheet2 I put following formula
    It is ok!, but when I change month in the pivot table change value on the sheet2 in column January.
    Thank you,

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    Have you tried the GetPivotData function?
    Hope that helps.

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    copy paste

    I have 56 emplooyers and If I want see work hours of emplooyers on sheet2 I must write surname for each emplooyers in getpivotdata.It is much complicated.
    Can I put Vlookup function in VBA cod.

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