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Using advanced filter to create new sheets based on database

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    Using advanced filter to create new sheets based on database

    Hey guys!! I have anothe question.....

    I have a sheet (attached) that Does ALMOST exactly what i want it to do.
    In simple, currenlty the sheet takes a column of data and makes a new sheet based on the data in the column. Then, on each instance of that value, it copies the ROW associated iwth it and places it on a newly created sheet. (see the attached sheet)
    There are problems with this
    #1) I can break it by having a Space or Null in a cell in column "C"
    #2) what if i dont want to create a sheet for EVERYONE that changes? I want to create a new sheet for only a select few people.

    What would be perfect is to have another sheet labeled "database" or somethign similar, and if the value in a cell int he database MATCHES the value in the Range (column C) that the macro searches, THEN it would complete the macro and create a new sheet and paste the row data.

    I know this is super confusing, please respond with questions.
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