Hi all, I need to know how to avoid WebQuery to recognize formats on the fly, and just import everything as text.

Because of this "feature" Im loosing data when querying a web page, and must fix it manually...

For example, in the web page there is a number like "500.000" but after query it land as "500" in worksheet ( point "." is thousands separator) so i need the query to get it as text so i dont loose any digits.

Some things Ive tried already and no working:
- Search many forums and google, cannot find working solution.

- Setting cells format to text prior to query. Not working (excel will change format to number anyway)

- Change format to Text after query. Not working. Digits are lost for good, so nothing to do after the query.

- .WebDisableDateRecognition. This works only for dates, not for numbers.

- .PreserveFormatting. Not working .Tried true and false, no difference.

- .WebFormatting. Not working. All combinations, same result.

- Change Windows thousand separator in Control Panel. This might work, but code wont be fully portable to other users using different configuration.

So problem is very simple, i need web query to import EVERYTHING as plain text. Dont need Excel to be smart in this case...

Thanks in advance!!