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Automate process

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    Automate process

    I want some body to create a Macro since I am new in writing Macro

    Attached workbook has four worksheets
    • Data
    • Pivot 1
    • Formulas
    • Pivot 2

    This workbook contains some sample data

    I regularly work on huge data and in this spreadsheet I have mentioned the fields which I work on.

    • Paste data in spreadsheet 1 (Data Sheet)
    • Refresh Pivot 1
    • Copy unique values from Pivot 1 to Formulas spreadsheet
    • Formula spreadsheet has three formulas (2 Vlookup and one Networkdays)
    • Final Step is to Refresh Pivot 2

    Since now I want to automate this process

    I have recorded a Macro but It is not working successfully

    Data spreadsheet has data in 9 rows
    In future I would paste more data let’s say some 3000 rows or more than that, then once the Macro is triggered
    Step 1
    Pivot 1 should capture all the unique values of Column A (Cart No)
    Step 2
    These values should be pasted in A2 of Column A in formulas spreadsheet
    Step 3
    Fill the cells in column B,C and D with column as mentioned in this sample sheet for all the new values
    Step 4
    Final Steps should be Pivot 2 has to be refreshed and as per the sample spreadsheet it should provide the result

    This would be a great help if somebody can help me on this

    I have attached the spreadsheet
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    Re: Need help on Automation of process

    Can somebody please help me out with my request

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