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Controling macros in other workbooks

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    Controling macros in other workbooks

    Hi guys.

    Here is what Im trying to do:

    I have a Excel sheet and I want to copy a certain range from many other workbooks and paste it into my excel sheet.
    To get the values I want to copy I have to run a macro in each workbook.

    I have most of the code ready and it does what I want.

    But there is one problem.

    The macro I have to run in the other workbooks automatically opens a Save As box and I cant figure out a way to automatically answer "No" or disable the Save As entirely.

    My code opens the correct workbook and then I use this code to run the appropriate macro:

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    Is there any way to have Excel say "No" to any Save As boxes that appears when running macro 1?

    Hopefully you understand what Im talking about here.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    P.S: Unfortunately I cannot post any of the Excel files Im using because of the information they contain.
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    Re: Controling macros in other workbooks

    I believe That
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    Should do it.

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    Re: Controling macros in other workbooks

    hi Carlsbergen,

    Does one of your macros cause the file to be opened?
    If so, can you adapt your opening code to open it as read only (& also use TheNewGuy's suggestion* + turning the alerts back on, when closing the file)?
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    Rob Brockett
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