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Formula help

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    Formula help

    Ok.....I thought I had this figured out but its not doing anything!

    In a sheet I have a column for a date....Ex 12/1/09 -------- I would like to have the cell change color after it passes 75 days for the date thats in the cell....Example, 12/1/09 changes to yellow after todays date passes (for round numbers) 2/15/10............And then turn red after 90 days from 12/1/09-------------

    I used the formula as follows and I believe it should work but nothing happens. Please assume that A1 is the desired cell to change.

    Went to Format - Conditional formatting -
    1st condition.
    Formula (A1+90)<TODAY() changed the format to color the cell red

    2nd condition.
    Formula (A1+75)<TODAY() changed the format to color the cell yellow.

    Please help.....nothing happens......I checked TOOLS----OPTIONS----Calculations-----Auto.......Its ok so I think....

    Any ideas,,,,,,,,THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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    Re: Formula help

    You will be asked to change the title, so please change the title to reflect the subject matter instead of generic terms like formula, help etc. A descriptive title makes it easy for others to search for related topics.

    See the example attached. Use either one.

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    Re: Formula help

    Welcome to the forum, naterosy.

    Please take a few minutes to read the forum rules, and then amend your thread ttle accordingly.

    Entia non sunt multiplicanda sine necessitate

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