Ive been doing my final year project on excel, the program works well. There is only one issue: Outputting the data to the user.

What i am looking for is to be able to take data from a worksheet, select a range of cells, for example, in the above link you can find a print screen of what my data looks like. There will be several trees. So if the user wants to view a 10 period tree he will have to view cells A15:J34 or A20:E28 for a 5 period tree. Then have it displayed on a userform when he clicks on the button. This is because the user normally does not see the worksheet, and works only with forms.

Example on what my data looks like!

Someone mentioned about creating an image dynamically, and putting it on the userform. I have no idea how to do that.

I read several ebooks about that and came across OCW spreadsheet control in excel 2003. But as you already know, it isn't found in excel 2007. So while searching the forums for more information that could help me with my displaying problem

Could someone please help me with that? I need a piece of code which can help me take the data from a range of cells from excel sheets and put them on a userform

P.S I am an excel novice, so please be elaborate in your explanations.

I posted a similar thread before:
But I really wasnt clear enough and couldnt implement the solution given there. So thats why i decided to post another thread to make myself clearer. Please delete the initial thread.