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Only print comments if specific cell within same row>0

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    Red face Only print comments if specific cell within same row>0

    Hi there,

    I have been searching the web & this forum for help. I want to only print the comments inserted onto (red triangle) a cell, if another cell within the same row has a value >0. I have an select macro, which only selects rows that have "x" returned to Column A. Column A returns an "x" if Column G has a value >0. The print comments at end of sheet option is great, except that it prints ALL comments saved to the sheet. I have several comments that live in my template, however I would only want them to print out if column G has a value >0.

    Btw, I am a total n00b with VBA.
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    Re: Only print comments if specific cell within same row>0

    Your macros are in a different file (Detail Est 01-10-10er.XLT) so I can't see what they do. I would suggest you put these macros directly into the file that will be using them.

    At any rate, one solution would be to write VBA code to print the desired comments to another sheet, and print that sheet. Excel does not support selecting comments for printing at the comment level.

    If you create another worksheet called Comments, this code will make a pass through your data and put the desired comments on that sheet. You can then print that. This solution is very specific to your situation.

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