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Sorting Specific Character String in Column

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    Sorting Specific Character String in Column

    I'm going through manufacturing data and need help capturing specific data.

    1 column has information on the type of product manufactured, e.g. COY-213-BT, or LL-221-SS.

    There are ~9000 entries (rows), with about 20 columns of data. I am only concerned with sorting by the 'type of product' column and the 'material type'.

    I just want to capture all the rows (the entire row, not just the 2 data points in the 2 columns I'm sorting by).

    I need to capture all product types that have 'BT' at the end of the string of characters. Thankfully 'BT' will not appear anywhere but the end, so the macro does not need to specifically look after the 2nd hyphen. Out of these entries, I only need to capture times with "Pellet" in the 'material type' column.

    If sorting it twice makes it overly complicated, the major issue is capturing product types with BT in the character string.

    I have no macro experience, FYI.


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    Re: Sorting Specific Character String in Column

    You should find you can apply an Auto Filter to the Range and specify some text based criteria to the columns you mention - if you're happy with the output Record yourself applying the process from start to finish.

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