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Error 6 Overflow

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    Error 6 Overflow

    I have developed a tracking register for complaints and had it working well with automated email function, I modified to to include another reminder and now I keep getting an error 6 overflow.

    Can someone please provide advice?
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    Re: Error 6 Overflow

    Hi tekapo
    You dont have a sheet called "Complaints Register - DS"
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    Re: Error 6 Overflow

    Hello tekapo,

    Welcome to the Forum!

    You keep recreating the Outlook Application. You only need to create the Outlook Application at the very beginning of the code.
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    Re: Error 6 Overflow

    Another point regards Overflow errors in general...

    When storing Row numbers in Variables it is always advisable to use a Long Type variable given Row boundaries exceed those of the Integer type.

    In VBA there's a general consensus that the Integer type is of very limited use given all Integers are in fact converted to Longs (and subsequently back to Integer) behind the scenes.
    On that basis most would say - just use Longs
    (or Byte if you know the value is going to be within Byte boundaries)

    Integer is useful if you want to deliberately generate an Overflow Debug but I would say that's an unlikely scenario (given you can just sanity check the value of the Long)
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