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Use google maps to get distance

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    I would like to ultimately be able to get the mileage distance from google maps by entering both a location and destination in Excel. If the mileage could be outputted back into Excel. I am not sure of how to go about this, since i'm new to all of this, i have not done any programming in a good 10 years. If I could possibly get some help on this and pointed in the right direction.

    If it is possible to get the mileage outputted. I have already setup all my calculations i would need to be used with the mileage.

    I am trying to get the distance from mapquest after I enter in the To and From location in Excel. First I enter in the information listed below.

    Cell A1 - Address
    B1 - City
    C1 = State

    D1 - Address
    E1 - City
    F1 - State

    I type in the information in excel and run the program but keep getting a compiling error. Can anyone please help? The code I have is listed below.
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