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Macro restructuring file

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    I need to make a macro for changing my files format, but I have no idea how to do that one:

    Basically I have all these excel files, and they all have the same format: 7 columns. I want to get rid of 5 columns, and then change the place of some cells.

    The 'What I have' file is an example of file I have.
    I need to keep the columns A and G. Then changing the cells that way: my data are basically each time 3 measurements of 3 individuals (2 males and a female = a trial) within a population. I want the 3 individuals (male 1, male 2, female) of each trial on the same line, but they don't follow each other:

    -> if there are 15 raws in the file, the first 5 are the males '1', the next 5 are the males '2', and the last 5 are the females (if 12 raws: 4 males '1' then 4 males '2' then 4 females) = this is the 'What I would like' file.

    Help please! Is it easy to do? Any tutorial to suggest me?
    I want to basically create a new file I think, for each one, or a new sheet within each file.




    Here is the Excel example. Hope this helps.

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