Hey all,

Really stuck on this one. I am making a production scheduling program in excel and looking to make it function automatically.

There are two work stations which assemble products A, B, and C (all with different amounts of time required to complete each product). I have created two tables for the two workstations, and need excel to look at the completed time column (which will have times in [mm:ss.0] format), and add the next product in the list to the EARLIER time, since they will have completed the previous product first.


Production Schedule/Product List for that Day:
Product A
Product C
Product B
Product A
Product A

Start Time: 8:00AM, with Station 1 taking the first product and Station 2 taking the second product on the Production Schedule.

Station 1 -
Product A - 8:30AM finish
Product B - 9:00AM finish

Station 2 -
Product C - 8:45AM finish
Product A - 9:15AM finish


As you can see above, the next product in line would be Product A. Since Station 1 finished their last product first (and Station 2 would still be working on their 2nd product), then ultimately the next product would be designated to Station 1.

This is what I am looking for Excel to do for me. We have on average 20-25 products per day, and we assemble in order, so they must be designated to the stations as they open up.

Thanks for the help!