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Copying a template sheet and putting those multiple sheets data into a summary sheet

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    Copying a template sheet and putting those multiple sheets data into a summary sheet

    I am basic in Macros and please provide any assistance.

    I have attached an excel file with enabled macros that has three sheets, Summary, Template, and Project 1.

    I am hoping to accomplish several actions and I do not know if I need separate macros.

    Basically, I would like to copy the Template sheet and then input data into it, like Project 1. This could be done for multiple times creating multiple project sheets. Once the data has been inputted, then the Project name and number information and totals of this data would then be shown on the Summary sheet, like Project 1. As new project(s) sheets are added then new row(s) would be created in the Summary sheet with all of that new project(s) information/data.

    The Summary sheet would also act as a table of contents and link to all of the different projects.

    I do have a functioning macro that does title all of the sheets, and do not know if or how this should be incoroporated.

    I thought to create separate macros with a corresponding image/button for the creation of a new sheet (on the Template sheet) and the updating of the summary sheet (wherever). If all of the this can be accomplished in one action, that would be great.

    Thank you for helping me.
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