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Need to combine like rows by duplicates in 2 columns

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    Need to combine like rows by duplicates in 2 columns

    I asked about this on another forum but got zero help. Maybe someone here can help. I tried to write a macro but its just not doing what i need it to do.

    I have a spreadsheet of scrap part data that i need to combine. The key identifiers are a "job" column and then a "defect" column. I would like the macro to combine the similar job numbers and defects, summing the qty of duplicate defects/job numbers

    Not sure if this explanation is sufficient to get my point across so i included a worksheet with what the final combined data should look like

    "RawData" is the data needed to be combined.
    "Sheet1" is the results when i run the macro i tried to write.
    "needed results" is the final results i need the macro to do(i did that sheet by hand)

    I really appreciate any help givin!!!

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    Re: Need to combine like rows by duplicates in 2 columns

    why not use pivot data (macro is not required)

    see the attachment "toolman pivot table.xls"
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