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Speech Object and Speak Method

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    Speech Object and Speak Method

    I am playing with the Speech object and speak method and can't get it to work. This seems pretty basic. I'm using Excel 2003 on Vista.

    My test code is:

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    When I run the macro, I get

    Run-time error "1004"
    Application-defined or object defined error.

    What did I do wrong? Where should I have looked (what reference) to figure this out for myself.
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    Re: Speech Object and Speak Method

    From the microsoft site:
    Using the Speech object
    Use the Speech property of the Application object to return a Speech object.

    Once a Speech object is returned, you can use the Speak method of Speech object to play back the contents of a string. In the following example, Microsoft Excel plays back "Hello". This example assumes speech features have been installed on the host system.
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    Note There is a speech feature in the setup tree that pertains to Dictation and Command & Control that does not have to be installed

    Have a look here also please
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