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Importing a text file to an existing sheet, with a dialog to pick the text file

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    Exclamation Importing a text file to an existing sheet, with a dialog to pick the text file

    Hi everyone,

    I have been trying to find information on this but haven't succeeded in all parts. Here is what I want to do in Excel (2003 compatible VBA).

    I have an Excel workbook with 2 worksheets: SEG and IMPORT
    SEG: contains formulas and VLOOKUPs to the Import sheet.
    IMPORT: contains a text file (comma separated), and is not modified in any way from when it is opened.

    I would like a macro to open a dialog window (asking me for the text file), then open the text file and copy it's contents into the IMPORT worksheet of the workbook.

    Some issues:
    • the master Excel Workbook can have different names and be saved in different locations.
    • The text file to be imported can also have different names (hence the dialog)

    Does anybody have an idea how to achieve this or could lend me a hand?
    Thanks in advance, attached a screenshot of the text file opened in Excel (just to give you an idea).

    Best regards,
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    Re: Importing a text file to an existing sheet, with a dialog to pick the text file

    Since these things are typically affected by some of the choices you make during the manual importation process, turn on the Macro Recorder and let it record you doing the whole process once from beginning to end.

    Post the resulting code here and we can help you edit that to a more dynamic reusable macro. Be sure to put code tags around the posted code:
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    Re: Importing a text file to an existing sheet, with a dialog to pick the text file

    In '02/'03, there's a command under the Data menu called "import external data." (I haven't yet learned my way around the ribbon in the later versions of Excel, but I'm pretty sure the command is still there somewhere). When you call this command, you get a dialog where you can point it to a text file. then it brings up the text import wizard where you tell it how to import that text file into the spreadsheet. At this point, Excel creates what they call a "query table" or "data range." within the Properties dialog for the created data range are checkboxes to "save query definition" and "ask for file name on refresh." If you make sure both of those options are checked, then you can "refresh" the data (on a schedule or manually according to the other available options) and it will ask for the file whenever it refreshes the data.

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