Brand new to the forums here, so...greetings!

I am using Excel 2007 and sample of VBA code I found online, tailored to my needs. When running the corresponding macro, I get the following error:
"Run-time error '424': Object required"
I know what that means and what would cause it but can't figure out why the error is occurring.

Examining the Debug, the macro halts at the "Set s1 = Sheet6" line in the code below.

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The code takes chunks of data in separate contiguous columns on the same row and moves each chunk to its own new row, preceded by (repeating) the donor data (columns A:EH) also placed into those new rows. Each chunk to be moved represents a fund and payment to that fund. So, what was previously all on one row for the donor (A:EH, EI:EP, EQ:EX, EY:FF, etc.) will now look like this:

Since I also know the difference between the sheet code names that Excel uses (e.g., Sheet1, Sheet2, ...Sheet6, etc.) and the sheet names that I gave them (e.g., I named Sheet1 as "Sheet1" and Sheet6 as "TeleFund"), the code name references in my code seem correct.

I need to know why the macro is halting and what is causing it (how to fix it).

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.