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Excel VBA and Outlook appointments

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    Excel VBA and Outlook appointments

    Hello VBA masters! I have some code below that pull up outlook appointments just fine. I would like to add something to the body of the appointment. I set the DIM x as a 'ticket' number and then reference that input box value in the subject line and body. This number would be found in column A of the sheet I have open. What I'd like to do is add the value from column B where x is found. I'm thinking offset(x, 1).value but I'm not sure how it 'finds' x. Suggestions? I'm thinking too I need to add to my code where is searches for the input box value in column A, but not 100% sure how that goes...Thanks..

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    Hello All - - I was able to find a pretty good solution that I thought I would share...below is the code I use that works for me. The date/time of the appointment is always the time I use the code, from there I change it based on everyone's availablility...works pretty good!!

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