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Identifying Range of Different Duplicate Values

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    Identifying Range of Different Duplicate Values

    An example workbook is attached.

    Background: I have four columns of data (a,b,c,d) of very long row length. The data in column A starts with letters, is continous and has numbers and is organized alphabetically. There are many different, duplicated values in column A. All duplicated data appears together, in order. Columns b,c,d have only text data.

    Need:I need a macro to identify the row range for each distinct duplicate value in A. Using that range, the macro needs to then look at column D and count the number of times that each text value appears, then paste that data into a separate sheet "Step 2"

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    Re: Identifying Range of Different Duplicate Values

    A quick way is via a pivot table. Add a header row, put col A in the row field, D in the column field and (count of) D in the data field.

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